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Riding | chuck | 26 May 2014

Long Mynd to Eastridge n back

A couple of years ago I designed a route to do from the Long Mynd to Eastridge and back. Unfortunately on the day that I was due to ride it I was ill, however the Bens and Rich did. I quite fancied having a go at it but wanted to ...

Riding | chuck | 05 May 2014

Dyfi Enduro 2014

This weekend marked the annual Dyfi Enduro ride, this year a choice was given to ride 45km or 55km. I entered the 55km with the aim of getting to the bar at the bottom of dickos within around 4 hours. Having done the loop with Ben a few weeks ago ...

Riding | chuck | 29 Apr 2014

Red Kite Events Gravity Enduro 1

This weekend was the Red Kite Events gravity enduro 1 at Llanwrtyd Wells. This gravity enduro differed from others that I've seen in that there were no strict stage start times. On Saturday stages were open 2pm-5pm and Sunday 10am - 5pm. This meant that after finishing a stage you ...

Riding | chuck | 11 Oct 2013

Playing in the Dyfi

The Dyfi forest is always a highlight to any of my weeks or weekends. The riding is top notch. I designed a route that took in every (very nearly anyway) descent that I knew on the Corris side of the forest, including a bonus descent that I didn't know ...

Riding | chuck | 09 Oct 2013

Marin & Penmachno

Before starting the guts of this post I just want to mention that after previous riding this week my body was pretty sore and aching so that may bias my opinions on these trails. Pedalling downhill pretty much just wasn't an option either. Going to be utterly ruined by ...

Development | chuck | 09 Oct 2013

Pelican Github Autopublish

This isn't strictly development but could be handy for someone.

This blog uses a piece of software called Pelican, if you hadn't guessed. Pelican is a static blog generator, this means that it takes a theme (some HTMl like templates and some css), blog posts (mine are written ...

Random | chuck | 08 Oct 2013

Tipping chicks

My Dad owns a chicken farm where he takes chicks from a couple of days old and grows them until they're about ready to start laying eggs. At the point where they're old enough to lay they get taken off to another farm and he then gets a ...

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