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View from Angler's retreat toward Cadair Irdris

Day 84 - photo a day

Sat 25 March 2017

I spend this morning sorting out the front lawn, mowing edging etc... First time is always the worst but hopefully I've made the job easier for future me. Paul and I went riding in the afternoon aiming to ride out to the chute but time was getting on a bit …

View from between Cwmsymlog and Cwmerfyn

Day 83 - photo a day

Fri 24 March 2017

Another lovely day so I left work at 3. I didn't really fancy a big ride as my legs were aching a bit so I went out without a plan. I found myself on toboggan and spent about 25 minutes trying to ride one corner, corner 1 - me 0. After …

Aberystwyth train station at five am

Day 82 - photo a day

Thu 23 March 2017

Elysia is off to Japan for two weeks and got the 5:30am train this morning so I was up to take her to the station. I managed to get another hour of sleep once I got home and I was in work for 8 on the dot. I was …

View toward Bont Goch

Day 81 - photo a day

Wed 22 March 2017

It's been a lovely afternoon so I decided that I'd better go for a ride. I went for a spin up to nant, my balance didn't feel right, and I fell off three times! Nothing serious though. Despite it being a really nice afternoon the trails were still rather wet …

Pint of Murphy's stout

Day 80 - photo a day

Tue 21 March 2017

Tuesday is gamebuilr sprint retrospective/planning night. Once again we met at Bryamlwg. This time I noticed that they have a Murphy's stout on tap and I'm a big fan of stout. Turns out that it's 30p cheaper than a bottle of beer too!

Pint of Murphy's stout

Prawn, spinach and avocado salad

Day 79 - photo a day

Mon 20 March 2017

Tonight Elysia and I went for food at Baravin, as she really want their pulled pork pizza and last time she went they'd run out. We got a table looking out over the sea and it was a pretty nice evening so the view was nice. She managed to have …

Herb seeds

Day 78 - photo a day

Sun 19 March 2017

I had intended on riding today but I had a very meh day. I just wasn't feeling it and some days I just get bored of riding the same stuff here. That sounds bad considering the amount of excellent riding we have here but that's just how it is for …

Looking into misty moorlands

Day 77 - photo a day

Sat 18 March 2017

This weekend Paul has a couple of friends staying so today I joined them for a rideout to nant. The weather was pretty miserable, really misty with a bit of rain and wind. We still stopped at the trailhead for a coffee and at the Tynllidiart arms for a pint …


Day 76 - photo a day

Fri 17 March 2017

Justin was the art director at west coast software whilst I was there. He was Elysia's boss and they're good friends although now that they've both left west coast they don't mett up often. Elysia invited Justin round this evening to have a catch-up over a takeaway. It was a …

Garden without trees

Day 75 - photo a day

Thu 16 March 2017

Another pretty normal day, not a lot to say. Weather hasn't been so great today either. Yesterday I chopped out the second tree and had a tidy up in the garden after my ride so today's photo is where I'm at.

Garden without trees

View from top of anglers retreat

Day 74 - photo a day

Wed 15 March 2017

In a stark contrast to the last two days today was really very nice. So nice that I took the afternoon off to go ride. I rode up to Angler's Retreat and had a brief explore of a track that I've been wondering about for a while, nothing exciting! Was …

Very foggy clarach

Day 73 - photo a day

Tue 14 March 2017

I rang Exley motors to find out how he'd got on trying to work out the issue with my car and unfortunately he said that it was too intermittent. He could take it out for a couple of hours but would have to charge me. His advice was to just …

Very foggy view

Day 72 - photo a day

Mon 13 March 2017

I dropped my car down to Exley Motors in Clarach this afternoon. It's been making some pretty bad noises for a while now and I'd like a bit of peace of mind on longer journeys! I took the roadrat in order to get back home and, as it's been a …

Very foggy view

Day 71 - photo a day

Sun 12 March 2017

Today's weather was not good but still looking OK, just a tad drizzly so off I set on my bike - this time with working motor! As I ascended toward nant the weather was getting gradually worse and more and more foggy. After a while it just became outright rain with …

Garden without one tree

Day 70 - photo a day

Sat 11 March 2017

Today I went to the Dyfi forest with Paul and a work colleague, Ioan. Upon arriving in the car park I turned on my bike to find that it hadn't been charged - the plug socket must have been turned off. Well, that wasn't going to stop me so we threw …

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