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Coffee at Tamed Da

Day 169 - photo a day 2017

Sun 18 June 2017

I was going to ride Myherin today, I got all kitted up and loaded up the car but then my right calf start termoring. I got the bike back out of the car and went off up the street on it, I couldn't stand stable on the pedals. That kicked …

Chillies growing

Day 168 - photo a day 2017

Sat 17 June 2017

Today I went for a ride in the Dyfi, I wanted to ride all of the descents that I know of on the Corris side. I started off with footpath and my balance was pretty screwy, it kind of set the tone for the rest of the ride. I didn't …

Thai red curry

Day 167 - photo a day 2017

Fri 16 June 2017

I went for a ride this evening, up to nant. I decided to play a new game of pedalling as much as I want at the start of a trail but as soon as I stop pedalling that's it, no more pedalling allowed. Got to keep things interesting somehow... My …

New batch of homebrew in fermenter

Day 166 - photo a day 2017

Thu 15 June 2017

My legs have felt uncomfortable all day, no matter what I do they feel a bit bad so I didn't much fancy riding. Instead, this evening I did some bits and pieces; mowed the lawn, did the hoovering etc... I also made a new batch of homebrew using a Young's …

Llyn Syfydrin

Day 165 - photo a day 2017

Wed 14 June 2017

This evening I went for a ride on the Levo. It was going great, toboggan was riding great and the weather was nice. I decided to head out the top of nant on the Syfydin route. As I climbed up to the Bont Goch descent I was trying to choose …

Working on the roadrat

Day 164 - photo a day 2017

Tue 13 June 2017

Not much exciting today. I cleared/rearranged the garage a bit more, tended to chilli plants, prepped for another lot of homebrew and removed a sofa ready for collection by the council. I also did a bit of work on the roadrat which was quite overdue. Bled the brakes and …

New chilli pepper plants

Day 163 - photo a day 2017

Mon 12 June 2017

As trying to get chillies to grow from seed is taking a while and is a bit trial and error I decided to cheat and buy a couple of adult plants. I bought a Demon Red plant and a Twilight plant from South Devon chilli farm. They arrived last Thursday …


Day 162 - photo a day 2017

Sun 11 June 2017

Elysia and I went to Utopia coffee lounge to meet up with some of her friends. They all seemed really nice and the coffee shop was a comfy place to be. Whilst in the toilets there I thought saw this door... After coffee we had a meal with Elysia's family …

Chocolate mousse cake

Day 161 - photo a day 2017

Sat 10 June 2017

Today we chilled out with Elysia's parents and we to Patisserie valerie for coffee and cake in the afternoon. I broke my diet and had a piece of chocolate mousse cake, it was far too rich for me these days but I still managed to eat it all... I'm still …

View from Southend-on-sea seafront

Day 160 - photo a day 2017

Fri 09 June 2017

We made it to Southend at 13:30 today, the drive took about 4.5 hours but wasn't too bad. A bit of traffic on the M25 and coming into Southend but otherwise a pretty smooth journey. We went out for food at Wings (Chinese) this evening which was really …

Polling station

Day 159 - photo a day 2017

Thu 08 June 2017

Today we began the journey to Southend-on-sea to visit Elysia's parents for the weekend. I didn't much fancy the entire drive after work though so we're staying at my Dad's tonight en-route. Today was also voting day so here's a photo of the polling station!

Polling station

Blackout blind

Day 158 - photo a day 2017

Wed 07 June 2017

I went for a ride this evening but it wasn't the kind of weather to stop and take photos in. I went out on the roadrat as I'd like to go bivvying later in the year and I wanted to see where my legs are at. I think distance should …

Looking down the river Rheidol

Day 157 - photo a day 2017

Tue 06 June 2017

This evening I dragged Elysia out for a walk when we went to Morrison's as there's a few nice paths down the back of it along the river. The river was really high and really fast. Walked over a bridge that I've never been on before! Nice to get out …

Tomatoes and peppers ready for roasting

Day 156 - photo a day 2017

Mon 05 June 2017

Another unexciting day but I made roasted tomato and red pepper soup. Another recipe from deliciously ella, it was really nice and I had some bread leftover from a loaf I made a couple of days ago with it. I thought that this looked quite nice so...

Tomatoes and peppers ready for roasting

Capped bottles of homebrew

Day 155 - photo a day 2017

Sun 04 June 2017

This is the other bit of homebrew that takes a while, bottling. I've bottled half of the beer tonight and put some finings in the other half to bottle in a couple of days - want to see if it makes much difference to the finished process. I tried a thimbleful …

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