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Alll by myseeeeelf

Well, not quite. This week Elysia and I have entered self isolation for the foreseeable future. I'm slightly worried that she'll go mad with it being just the two of us. She's lovely so I'll be fine but she's stuck with me and I'm, well, me.

How does this play with the MS thing?

So this is a question that I can only really answer for myself and my thoughts about it. Having MS, on the surface of it, I don't think makes me more likely to catch anything or make it any worse if I do. HOWEVER, what quite possibly could is my medication. My medication has made me somewhat immunosuppressed. As I suspect some people might be interested in these numbers here is my bloodwork from the end of January:

Bloodwork chart

This is a reference chart of what ranges those numbers should be in. It's pretty clear that my lymphocyte and white blood cell count are well down (as illustrated by the down arrows in the image!) so my immune system is not looking so strong right now.

If I was to catch COVID-19 and only even have mild symptoms from that it'll still trigger an immune response (and a pretty big one given the virus) which could then cause my immune system to attack me and cause a relapse. A relapse in itself could be a pretty big life event so I'm keen to avoid that...

I'm going to continue to bike, albeit solo and taking it a bit easy. I don't want to overexert myself and make myself weaker and I also don't want to land myself in A&E - that feels like it'd be irresponsible for a range of reasons. Elysia is also going to keep going on solo hikes and doing a bit of running. So we'll at least be getting out of the house a bit and trying to keep healthy.

What else has been going on?

In the theme of trying to blog a bit more I'll include a section of random bollocks here.

We planted some more stuff in the garden and we're beginning to make it take shape:

Our garden

We added some onions and a batch of potatoes (in addition to the garlic and onions that are already in and doing well at the front of the garden). At the moment one of the biggest holdups is that we need to buy a greenhouse/poly tunnel hybrid thing which will take a fair bit of space and is difficult to visualise the space without that in place. There's also that big pile of garden waste that needs to be relocated, as the "greenhouse" will live there in some configuration. We're planning on adding strawberries (at the front next to the garlic), spinach, more potatoes, more onions, and then a bunch of stuff like tomatoes in the "greenhouse".

I've been super slack at finishing my weather station although did do a bit of work on it. It's stalled a bit whilst I try to figure out how to attach the RJ11 sockets. The quality of my soldering leaves a little to be desired although you can see that it did get a bit better toward the end in this photo:

Raspberry pi perma-proto board with terrible soldering

I've also been riding at least 2 days a week and that's going well. The winter riding has paid off and I'm feeling a lot stronger although still somewhat wobbly and prone to falling off riding uphill. Here's some photos from the last month's riding, they're better than words anyway:

View from somewhere near Todmorden
View out to some wind turbines
View toward Hollins Lake
Tunshill Lane finger post
Ogden resevoir
Alll by myseeeeelf
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