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Bladder Botox - 2 weeks on

It's now been 2 weeks since I had Botox so the effects should be in force now, feels like they are.

I'm going to begin this with how it works as people have asked. I'm also going to caveat this with this is my understanding so could in fact be total nonsense. I'll keep it brief. The Botox paralyses the muscles around the bladder and so prevents it from contracting. More control through less control... just read this if you want to know more.

The Effects

Yeah let's get down to what actually matters, has it worked? At this point I should say that they consider losing the ability to urinate a success. With that criteria in mind, yes it has worked!

Overall I'm pleased with how it's worked. I have to use intermittent catheters. I'm using them 4 times a day - when I wake up, at lunch, at 5 or 6 depending on if I have a meeting at 5 (needing a wee during meetings is... inconvenient), and then again before bed. I can actually wee but only when my bladder is full, and only a small amount (~100ml) which means I have to go a few times in quick succession and still need a full drain.

Whilst the urologist told me I might need to catheterize every 4 hours I found out from the incontinence clinic that do long as I drain under 500ml each time then it's fine. It's useful to me to know the reasons behind why I need to do things... This works for me, 4 times a day is pretty nice. I've stopped leaking and had no bed wetting incidents since I had the injections (it was up to a couple of times a week), urgency is also massively improved. I'm not using sheath catheters at all so also no bags, which means I can do things like wear shorts again - just in time for winter.

I am now in a position where I need to use catheters or I'll damage myself. This is the downside as it's a pretty serious reliance on them. I have to be organised to ensure that I always have enough with me when I'm away from home. Last week I had to make an emergency trip to the clinic to pick up catheters as I only lost the ability to wee over the weekend and woke up Monday morning doing the maths realising that I'd run out by Thursday. The pharmacy is currently struggling to get hold of the catheters for my prescription too, which is... concerning! I'm be running out again by the end of this week. Also, if I go away for a week that'll be a pain - it'll be 28 catheters to take with me.

So, all things considered it's good news. I never would have previously thought that putting a 40cm tube down my urethra 4 times a day would become normal for me!

Bladder Botox - 2 weeks on
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