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Bladder Botox

Let's start by looking back a few weeks to my previous post. I'd seen a urologist and been put down for Botox. The following Sunday (!) I had an appointment to have a proper scan of my bladder which showed that I had some trabeculation (basically muscle thickening) of the right wall of my bladder but nothing to worry about. The report from the urologist also suggested to ISC (intermittent self catheterization) 2 or 3 times a day. My bladder not fully emptying was causing my kidneys to not fully drain. I also had to fill in a frequency and volume chart:

frequency and volume chart

Apparently 3 litres is a bit too much and I should aim for 2.5.


So the exciting bit. I got changed into a gown and then entered a room with 3 nurses and the urologist, we chatted a bit about my bladder and then I signed my life away to approve them injecting me with a neurotoxin. At first the urologist said that it would be 30 injections but then she said that they could probably reduce that to 21. She repeatedly asked me if I had any questions, I think she was a bit surprised that I had none.

Onto the table and up with the gown. First she inserted a load of what I think was lubricant into my urethra. I then started to chat to a nurse and next thing I knew there was a camera up there and my bladder on screen. Sneaky. A bit of poking around revealed a low level infection so I now have a week of strong antibiotics and a three month course of slightly less strong ones. After prodding my bladder from the inside with some part of the camera she decided that they'd give me only 200ml instead of 300ml, so only 14 injections.


I had no idea how this bit was going to work or what was going to happen. As it turns out the camera apparatus also had a needle so they inserted another tube inside the camera tube and used that to attach the syringe. Ok that makes sense, here we go - apparently declining a general means that I get no anaesthetic. It hurt, quite a lot. After watching the first 2 injections I decided to just stare at a ceiling tile and grimace, I'm glad they only did 14. It didn't take long and once they were done and the camera was back out I was free to go on my way.

The results should become apparent in 10-14 days and any results should last 6-9 months. Here's hoping it works!

Bladder Botox
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