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Day 117 - photo a day 2017

New phone! I decided to buy a new phone because the charging port on my moto g3 has come to be quite loose. Cables have to be wiggled around to get them to engage and the slightest knock knocks them out. Not great, really annoying when using the phone as a satnav and charging at the same time. Anyway, I was looking at phones when I realised that my phone is covered by 2 year EU warranty. Sorted! I emailed Amazon to say that I'd like a repair on warranty. They replied with no repair, no replacement but they'd give me a full refund if I returned it. Er, deal!

Because I'd now have the money from that phone I decided to spend a little more money than I would have otherwise. I spent a good while looking at phones and they all seemed to have something wrong with them. The obvious choice was the Oneplusthree but it was a bit big and a bit more money than I wanted to spend. I came upon the Xiaomi Mi5, which seemed to tick all my boxes. It is not easy to get hold of in the UK, it's popular in China and India. I found one Uk seller, on ebay - I wanted a UK seller so I'd have warranty.

When it came I tried to update it and quite quickly came to discover that it had an unofficial rom on it. One that's a bit dodgy and possibly had malware. Putting a new rom on was pretty simple but a bit of a faff. To begin with the bootloader must be unlocked but to do that you need the miui guys to unlock it via your mi account. It's just a form to fill in and they actually granted me access overnight. Next issue, no Windows on any of my machines. Luckily, Elysia has a Windows install on her mac. That ran out of space. In the end I grabbed a windows 7 VM, unlocked the phone, flashed miui 8 (android 7) onto it and relocked it. It needs locking for things like android pay to work. Miui has some neat features like one handed mode and I'm very happy with it now I have it set up with nova launcher and a few things set to how I want. Xiaomi Mi5

Day 117 - photo a day 2017
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