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Day 120 - photo a day 2017

The day has rolled round and it's been the Dyfi Enduro. The difference this year was that there were 2 routes, the enduro and the bach. The enduro was 55km and the bach 40km, they were similar routes but the bach just cut a few bits out. Looking at the map of the routes we'd kind of decided to do the enduro but cut out 1 section which has nothing much fun in it. We'd also spotted a slight shortcut that I could take to cut out the single track climb as I was a bit concerned I'd end up walking it and my legs would give up on life.

We arrived ~9:30, signed on, got ready and tried to find Taylor. We were at the back of the queue and a brief phone call told us that he was at the front. We wound up starting roughly mid pack with a view to catch him up if he took it steady. We started off and as we were riding along the road I was feeling pretty good but very shortly after we hit the first fireroad I could feel that my legs weren't going to be good. I was riding slowly and I couldn't go any faster. My legs weren't shaking or anything they were just saying no. I felt like I was moving in slow motion for most of the climbs. It was almost like a disconnect between brain and legs, my brain would say push harder/faster and my legs would say yes but then they just wouldn't.

The others waited for me at the top of the climbs and part way up them too which was nice as it meant I wasn't always alone on them thinking about how bad my legs were being. On each climb I decided that I was packing it in at the top. At the top of each climb I decided that there was no way I wasn't riding the descent. At the bottom of the descents adrenaline would be pumping and I'd be feeling good again! A vicious cycle.

All of the descents were great fun and I managed to stay stood up on them. I rode my own ride on a few of them, on elephant Bean and I decided to cut off and do the alternative line as the main trail was a big queue. Sadly I decided to skip world cup. The climb from world cup to the feed station is long and I just didn't feel like it was going to be a good idea. I'd just gone over the bars onto bedrock on Caban Coch too so my upper body was hurting in addition to my legs. I skipped a section after the feed station which has a quite long descent and a bit of climbing and I also skipped goshawk as that had the single track climb up to it, luckily the descent before has a sneak shortcut out of it to the bottom of goshawk. As such I'd left the others behind so I decided to just crack on up to 3in1. On the climb couple of riders who were pushing their bikes managed to catch up with me whilst I was actually riding, "sorry mate, we slowed down a bit because we didn't want to demotivate you but...". Had to laugh! I rode the single track just off of 3in1 which was great, grabbed my beer at the bottom and waited for the others before crossing the finish line and spinning back down to Mach. It didn't even rain for the whole ride!

Bean n Steph asked me to take a photo of them at the finish line in Mach and I was taking the photo who appeared from the crowd behind them? It was Taylor! He'd not hung around on the ride and had put in a good time and then just waited for us to finish. It was good to see him and look at his new bike too.

I was a good day out, I didn't enjoy some of it and I really enjoyed some other bits of it. I'm disappointed that I didn't get to ride world cup but I think it was for the best. Unless things change dramatically for the better then this will probably be my last dyfi on a non-ebike so I'm really glad that I did it and got the mug. I'm also grateful that the others waited for me as I really was on a go-slow. We finished off the day by eating slow cooked chilli, drinking beer and watching the DH world cup. Things could certainly be far, far worse! End of the Dyfi Enduro

Day 120 - photo a day 2017
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