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Day 135 - photo a day 2017

We went down to Swansea today to go to Morriston Hospital for my yearly appointment with my neurologist. Parking was, as usual, awful. There were cars everywhere, luckily we managed to pull into a not a space really quickly. We arrived a bit early as I wanted to leave a bit of buffer time as it's a 1hr45 drive but I was seen at pretty much bang on 11:30 and was done by 11:45! We discussed my meds and my lymphocyte count. If my lymphocyte count gets too low then they'll pull me off the meds as the, very rare, occurences of PML have occured with low lymphocyte counts. Mine was surprisingly high, the count was normal. That's good!

I also asked him about the OMS diet. He had heard of it. He said that it can't hurt and that they're OK with it. It's a good idea to cut down on saturated fat and replace it with poly-unsaturated, for anybody. He also said it may help but because it's healthy rather than some magic bullet combination of foods. He said as a general rule, don't cut out any food groups. My takeaway from it was that I'll keep following the diet but not treat it as gospel. I may, quite rarely, eat some white meat/game. I'm going to keep off dairy but I'm going to sometimes eat cake and things like that (I'm aware they have dairy in), not often but sometimes.

After chatting for a bit we moved onto tests. I think that he said that my reflexes are brisk. My hip flexors are definitely weakened and my legs are over-toned which causes them to be stiff. I must find hip flexor exercises to try build up whatever muscles are still good to try to compensate I think.

After the hospital visit we went to see George and Poppy and their new addition to the family, Finn. It was really nice to see them and catch up and to also meet Finn. Finn would have made for a much better photo too! Next time we'll make the visit a bit longer. Morriston Hospital

Day 135 - photo a day 2017
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