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Day 146 - photo a day 2017

Earlier in the week I booked today off as the forecast looked great. The forecast was correct! I'd planned to do a "sea to summit to sea" ride, something that's been on my radar since Dave and Pete rode it last year's solstice. The summit being Pumlumon, the nearest mountain to aber. I had my garmin loaded up with the route and set out at about 9am as a) I had a family bbq I wanted to attend in the evening and b) it's aber cycle fest weekend so some of the roads were closed later in the day.

The route I rode up to nant was actually a new one on me. From there it was Joe's back garden to the bottom climb up to the summit. THe climb was going well until the fireroad just ended. Dave had mentioned a hike a bike but I had hoped that I'd be OK on ebike. No, it really was hike a bike. I pushed through reasonably thick trees for a bit until deciding that enough was enough and it was time to turn back. I found a stream and started following that briefly which bought me out into a bit of a cleared section. It was where I was meant to be, it was where the track on the map was. There was no track, just grassy, tussocky bog for the most part but it was clear and it was pushable. After a while I came across the footpath up Pumlumon, it was fireroad. I was happy. My legs were somewhat not.

I stuck the bike in turbo as there was plenty of battery power left and my legs were struggling after the hike a bike. The fireroad ran out after a bit and the route became grass, but rideable, to the summit. A new view for me! The route back down was basically a steepish field with lots of tussocks. A bit boring to be honest. It dropped me back down at Nant-y-moch. I made it home in time to drive to Oswestry and partake in the BBQ which was also cool! View from top of Pumlumon

Day 146 - photo a day 2017
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