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Plague Inc board game

Day 222 - photo a day 2017

Thu 10 August 2017

Recently, I saw that Plague Inc had been made into a board game and I quite fancied buying it but thought that it wasn't easy to buy. Turns out that it's on Amazon and I have a weekend away with friends this weekend so I bought it. This evening I …


Day 221 - photo a day 2017

Wed 09 August 2017

I made it to work today but I decided to take the afternoon off as it's been really nice and I wanted to ride my bike. In the end it took me 1.5 hours to get the motor/battery working but I think that I've figured out the issue …

First bell pepper

Day 220 - photo a day 2017

Tue 08 August 2017

Another day off work ill - this time with a dodgy stomach. I went in this morning but I didn't last long. I was checking my plants when I saw that the bell pepper plant has started fruiting!

First bell pepper

My swollen face

Day 219 - photo a day 2017

Mon 07 August 2017

Day off work today due to my face exploding slightly in size. I rang the dentist early and got an emergency appointment. Dentist said that the tooth had become infected so he removed the temporary filling and prescribed me some antibiotics. He also left the tooth empty with instructions to …

Ben and Steph riding away

Day 218 - photo a day 2017

Sun 06 August 2017

Tooth aching pretty bad! Been a nice day although I haven't done a whole lot. Ben and Steph left mid morning to begin their ride to George's, they're planning on camping somewhere on the way.

Ben and Steph riding away

Playing Monopoly

Day 217 - photo a day 2017

Sat 05 August 2017

We didn't do a whole lot day, bit of a chilled day. We played Monopoly, Ben won. We also played scrabbled, and I won. We spent some time bike fettling, slow cooked a chilli and watch the downhill world cup. A chilled and nice day.

Playing Monopoly

Ben and Steph, in Scholars

Day 216 - photo a day 2017

Fri 04 August 2017

Ben and Steph actually arrived last night, a bit early as they were supposed to arrive today but they got carried away. They've ridden over from Leominster over the past few days, they could have made their way over quicker but wanted to take their time and camp a couple …

Roasted tomato and bread soup

Day 215 - photo a day 2017

Thu 03 August 2017

Not a lot happening, tooth ache from Monday still quite bad! I made roasted tomato and bread soup last night and had it again tonight...

Roasted tomato and bread soup

Mega in from Llyn Pendam

Day 214 - photo a day 2017

Wed 02 August 2017

First day of trying to start the Nant TT routine. I had a look before and my previous times have been around 50 minutes. I was expecting to come in around an hour but I managed just under 50 minutes which I was pretty happy with! A baseline to base …

View from Baravin

Day 213 - photo a day 2017

Tue 01 August 2017

Elysia and I went to Baravin this evening. I had tagliatelle and Elysia had a goats cheese pizza. Mine was OK but a bit too garlicky for my tastes and Elysia liked hers. It was a nice evening and the view was nice. The seagull surveilling the beach from the …

Empty spare room

Day 212 - photo a day 2017

Mon 31 July 2017

Had I thought about this I would have taken a photo of Paul, but I saw pre-8am so... Instead here's the empty room as he moved out today to move back to Portsmouth before he rides to Germany and then flies on to Australia. Also today, I went for a …

Homemade beer and homegrown chillies

Day 211 - photo a day 2017

Sun 30 July 2017

Mostly just chilled out today so nothing exciting. This 2 beers are my homebrews, one if a red ale and the other a pale ale. They're both pretty nice, I prefer the red ale though. The chillies are the first few that are ready from my twilight plant.

Homemade beer and homegrown chillies

htop showing maxed out RAM

Day 210 - photo a day 2017

Sat 29 July 2017

This is basically how my gamejam has gone! For one reason or another it's only been myself and Elysia doing it and she's been at work today. I'm not a big fan of the theme - "Running out of power". We didn't want to do something generic so we decided that …

Defold Editor 2

Day 209 - photo a day 2017

Fri 28 July 2017

This weekend is Ludum Dare #39 gamejam. We're planning on doing it in Defold so I've spent much of this evening, and some of this week, learning Defold so that one of us has a vague idea of how to use it.

Defold Editor 2

Cut hedge

Day 208 - photo a day 2017

Thu 27 July 2017

I most just chilled out this evening, it's my plan for the next few days! When I got home from work I found that the neighbours had cut the hedge between our properties so I decided that I'd cut my side too. They do their side and the top as …

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