Yup, it's a relapse

I'll keep this one short. My previous post, last week, was an update for MS awareness week. To coincide with that my body decided to get in the spirit things and make me more aware (maybe it thought I'd forgotten) that I have MS too. I'm definitely having a relapse.

I think that it actually started on Easter Sunday (21st), so before I wrote that post. It wasn't until the Tuesday that I was pretty confident that it's a relapse.

What's going on?

I'm experiencing what I can only really describe as altered sensation from my waist down. A few years ago relapses would usually manifest in a similar way but only down my left leg and not as bad. It's hard to work out exactly what's going on but I think that it's increased sensitivity, I can really feel that I'm wearing trousers - if that makes any sense. It also feels like there's something in my left heel when I put it on the ground. This is generally uncomfortable all of the time but not affecting anything that really matters.

I rang my nurse team just to let them know what's going on and get a record of this. They said as it's sensory it's unlikely that I'd get steroids, I would have declined then anyway so that's fine.

A combination of two relapses in five months and buying a house is messing with my head a bit which is not ideal but ho hum.

See, short.

Yup, it's a relapse
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