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Dirty Casuals @ Wales Games Dev Show


Posted on Sun 26 June 2016

On the 8th June we went to Wales Game Development Show as an exhibitor to show the alpha of Calamity. This was the first convention we'd be to as Dirty Casuals and, for many of us, the first convention we'd exhibited at. We were also supporting Gamebuildr which is a service run by one of the Dirty Casuals team and his business partner, who also came along and helped us out too. West Coast also went to show off games like Rees Rally Racers so there was a bit of a gang of us there.

We left Aber at \~6am and got to Cardiff at \~8:30am, we parked in the St. David's car park right in the centre of the city. Driving into the bay was quite nice as it was a sunny day and getting to the car park was hilariously easy. The convention was at the Tramshed so it was a quick 10 minute walk to get there. We arrived and found our table, right next to the West Coast table as requested. We also requested to be near the toilets (for me) and they certainly delivered on that front, right next to them!

There were talks going on throughout the day upstairs and some short kind of intro talks on the main stage. Later in the day was also an awards ceremony including a BAFTA. There was a pretty steady stream of people through the day from 10-3:30 and we had quite a few people play the game and/or stop to have a chat with us. Quite a lot of people seemed to like the concept of the game which was nice! The game was crashing in the second round which wasn't ideal but a few people had the patience to wait for us to restart the game and played it a few times. We got some good feedback and had some really good chats with various people. People also really love the name Dirty Casuals.

There were quite a few other games/companies there too (reference). Some really cool looking games, the best for me were Create Battle Lab by Dojo Arcade and Elisa Unpainted Memories by Skyfish Studios. I also liked Eekeemoo - Splinters of the Dark Shard by Cogg Games. Great to see so many polished games coming out of Wales.

After the awards wrapped up we decided to make a move and we all went for sushi at Yo sushi! which was nice but a touch pricey. Need to learn how to make mochi for sure!

All in all a fun day out and hopefully we'll go again next year with a more polished game.

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