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Day 182 - photo a day 2017


Posted on Sat 01 July 2017

I went to Myherin again today, I'm really loving it there at the moment. The weather was good and the trails were great. I think that next time I'll get down the top of Truman clean so long as I don't make any mistakes. I'd also seen a trail on Strava that I'd not ridden so I checked that out. It was rooty and not rocky! It was great! I had to clear a bit of it with the saw but that was fine. I also rode the trail that I found last week but with a bit of pace and that was also brilliant. I rode the new trail a couple of times and I also worked out how to get back onto Brashy Dive which was cool. Very happy now that I know a mix of rock and dirt trails up there.

Woods at Myherin

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