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Day 183 - photo a day 2017


Posted on Sun 02 July 2017

I spent most of today finishing up dismantling the piano. I also went to a farm near Llanon with Elysia so that she could learn how to use a spinning wheel, she's was also lent one to learn on so you can probably guess what one photo this week will be... Anyway, the piano took me quite a long time and by the end gone was the idea of doing things sympathetically, for a start some things were glued in place. I had the chisel, hammer and wire cutters out by the end. Getting the harp out took a while, there was 1 bolt in the bottom left that wouldn't budge and I couldn't get the harp to move - something else was holding it in place. After a good while of trying to work out where the last bolt was I realised that the string pegs weren't attached to the harp, they were part of the backboard. Snip, snip, snip and the harp was moving. I used the weight of the harp to rip out the bottom left bolt and that was that. It took 2 of us to move the harp outside but it wasn't as heavy as I'd expected and from there moving the piano body was easy!

Completely dismantled piano

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