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Day 186 - photo a day 2017


Posted on Wed 05 July 2017

I had to go down to Swansea for an MRI scan. It's a good job that I left an hour early as the road between Lampeter and Carmarthen had a big queue on it that wasn't moving at all. I don't know why but it did mean that I had to drive a load of singletrack roads to get around it. Anyway, MRI scan was OK. It was way shorter than normal as they only did a brain scan with contrast rather than neck/spine too.

I had thrown my bike in the car just in case I wanted to ride afterward. It was a nice day, I was in the mood and I sure didn't want to take the same route home so I decided to ride. Brechfa is almost on the way home on the different route so that's where I want. I rode the read and it was pretty great, as always.

Abergorlech forestry sign

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