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Day 177 - photo a day 2017


Posted on Mon 26 June 2017

It's about that time again, time for interim service! On the list for this service is: dropper post and replace dropper cable, air can service on shock, forks lowers, bleed brakes and then anything else that looks/feels like it's about time. I'd never done the dropper before, it was surprising easy once I managed to get the collar off. Replacing the cable was a bit more faff as it means getting the dropper out of the frame and then faffing about trying to get the cable the right length. I didn't do the forks as I'd hit the can't be arsed stage by then and I also didn't bleed the brakes. I didn't bother doing the brakes because I marched the pistons out a bit and now they feel great!

Servicing dropper post

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