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Somewhat reassuring

A week or two after my last post, saying that we were starting to isolate, the entire country went into lockdown so there's really not been a whole lot to write about for 3 months. We're still continuing to do the whole shielding thing, so there continues to be not a lot going on. Riding my bike a few times a week but otherwise rarely going beyond the garden. On excursion being a fun trip to the hospital for an MRI scan. On that note...

MRI Scan

A couple of weeks ago I went to the Royal Salford for a routine MRI scan. I did ring beforehand to make sure I should definitely go and was assured it'd be safe. It definitely felt safe, despite having to walk down the entire length of one of the buildings I saw barely anyone and all the doors are now automatic. My MRI scan was also back outside in a mobile scanner. So, the results:

Letter showing my MS is not active

I think that there are two main words to note here: "not active". Not active is definitely good news, "somewhat assuring" is also an interesting choice of words. I've not had a relapse in ~18 months now but only something like 1 in 10 lesions show as a relapse so this is pretty big news really. What it means is that I have no lesions since my MRI scan around the same time last time and so no further disease progression. It doesn't mean that the damage already done is being reversed but I'll happily take halting any further damage. It looks like the Mavenclad is doing its job but I'll continue to let myself believe that I'm biking the MS away.

Other stuffs

So what else is going on? As said above, not a whole lot. Elysia has wanted quail for quite a while now so a couple of weeks back we did venture out to a nearby farm to pick up 5 quail. They're partially for eggs and partially pets. Two of them are male which is a) a dynamic that doesn't really work and b) not so good for eggs...

Quail hutch
A male quail

I'm still mostly riding my hardtail - the ebike really needs a fair bit of work which I just can't get motivated to do at the moment. This year I've decided to try to combat the heat a bit so I've had a fair few early starts (including a 4am) and I also bought an evaporative cooling top which works pretty well. You soak it in water befor the ride and it keeps you cool, pretty simple. It's not so great when the sun is bearing down because it evaporates very quickly but otherwise it definitely does help. Here's a few piccies from the last couple of months:

Somewhat reassuring
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