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GalliumOS wifi stopped working

Tue 28 February 2017

I just fixed my chromebook (seems that the fuse in the charger had gone, so simple fix) which runs GalliumOS but on booting the wifi had stopped working. This isn't the first time that it's happened and I've fixed it before so I knew that to do. Took me a …

Adding thumbnails

Tue 28 February 2017

I sent a link to this blog to my mate and commented that github pages were a bit slow to serve it. He replied ""shouldn't be, github pages are usually pretty snappy", he then went on to say "however, you are linking to your full sized images on the index …

Automating pelican

Sun 26 February 2017

So following on my post about moving back to pelican I needed to automate some stuff. Google wasn't quite giving me the answers that I wanted. What I wanted was a full end to end automation process, i.e. I write a post, it appears on my blog. I did …

From postachio to pelican

Sun 26 February 2017

I've got a bit fed up with the lack of control that I've had when using postachio, there's metadata that I want in my templates that I can't have. Despite promises that they were going to improve things toward the end of last year things have also gone a bit …

Calamity (Game)

Tue 05 April 2016

I spent the weekend just gone doing a mini game jam. A first for me. The project is one that has existed for a little while, the game was thought up by my lodger, Elysia (artist), and she enlisted help from Boomer (programmer) and Mikey (musician). This means that I've …

Changing Platform

Mon 22 December 2014

I write posts somewhat sporadically and I'm quite good at forgetting how my pelican setup works. For this reason I decided to change the technology behind my blog. Moving away from using pelican and hosting on github pages to Postachio. Postachio is a blogging platform that ties into a handful …

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