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Chocolate mousse cake

Day 161 - photo a day 2017

Sat 10 June 2017

Today we chilled out with Elysia's parents and we to Patisserie valerie for coffee and cake in the afternoon. I broke my diet and had a piece of chocolate mousse cake, it was far too rich for me these days but I still managed to eat it all... I'm still …

Medina salmon

Day 136 - photo a day 2017

Tue 16 May 2017

This evening Elysia and I went to Medina, I had salmon. She had galette and we had hummus to share. The salmon was great and the garnish that came with it was really nice too. The segments of orange worked well with the honey glaze on the fish. Not got …

Breakfast at Poppy's cafe

Day 121 - photo a day 2017

Mon 01 May 2017

I mostly just chilled out today but we went to Poppy's cafe (at Newman's garden centre) for breakfast for a fry up. Naturally, I went for the veggie option and was pleasantly surprised. The sausages weren't quorn but actually seemed to be made from plant matter. Anyway here's a photo …

Fish tagine at Casablanca

Day 115 - photo a day 2017

Tue 25 April 2017

Elysia is away for the next 2 days and we haven't been out for food in a while so tonight we went to Casablanca, a favourite of ours. As usual the service was great, really attentive. The food was also really nice, I went for something different to usual and …

Moroccan spiced rice, vegetable and nut bake

Day 113 - photo a day 2017

Sun 23 April 2017

I went for a ride on the Mega today to make that it's working OK ahead of the Dyfi Enduro next weekend. I did ~40km and all seems good, a few odd noises to work out but that's nothing new. After my ride I took Elysia out to the cafe …

Prawn, spinach and avocado salad

Day 79 - photo a day

Mon 20 March 2017

Tonight Elysia and I went for food at Baravin, as she really want their pulled pork pizza and last time she went they'd run out. We got a table looking out over the sea and it was a pretty nice evening so the view was nice. She managed to have …

Hake bake at Pysgoty

Day 40 - photo a day 2017

Fri 10 February 2017

Elysia and I went out for food tonight, we'd both wanted to go to Pysgoty fish restaurant for a while so we finally got round to booking and went. I knew that the place was small but it really is tiny! Four two person tables in a row is the …

Plas y dinas pub

Day 29 - photo a day 2017

Sun 29 January 2017

Today I went back to near Oswestry for a meal at Plas yn dinas in Llanfechain with my family and my Dad's ladyfriend's family so that everyone could meet one another (Elysia came with me too). It was good to meet them and they seem really nice. The food was …


Day 18 - photo a day 2017

Wed 18 January 2017

Elysia's birthday tomorrow so we went out with some of her friends for food. We went to Casablanca and this time I decided to try the grilled salmon. It was great, a nice subtle marinade on it and nice crispy skin. Service, as ever, was also great - a nice evening …

Seafood provencal

Day 5 - photo a day 2017

Thu 05 January 2017

Today Elysia left her job so was feeling a bit down, I decided that I'd take her out for some food. We went to Casablanca, a Morrocan restaurant. The food and service were both really great, it's well worth a visit if you're in Aberystwyth. We had hummus to share …

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