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Photo a Day - Giving up

Sun 22 February 2015

I've decided to give up on the photo a day, day 50 seemed like a good milestone to stop at. I wanted to try make each photo have a bit of meaning/story to it and that was starting to become harder and harder, not to mention that I didn't …

Day 50 - Photo a Day

Thu 19 February 2015

I've managed 50 days! I realised that I haven't yet done a photo of the coaster I got for doing the Dyfi warmup. It feels very worthy of day 50 :).

Day 49 - Photo a Day

Thu 19 February 2015

This is the view from the kitchen at work, it's not bad at all! Getting ready to take this photo I saw a red kite and two ducks on the little pond that can't be seen in this photo, rad as.

Day 47 - Photo a Day

Thu 19 February 2015

I can't say much about this one really, other than chilblains! They probably won't fall off, they don't normally fall off.

Day 45 - Photo a Day

Thu 19 February 2015

I don't know what it is with these students but today's ride we meet at 9. 9 on a Saturday! We went up Banc y Darren way and I left them at the top of the leg burner to do some different bits. I'd never ridden the Bony Goch climb …

Day 44 - Photo a Day

Thu 19 February 2015

Today I decided to go and explore a couple of bridleways up nant, ones I'd not done before.

The first new one linked the highest bit of the mountain road down to the bont goch climb, making more climb before getting to nant. It started off downhill on a double …

Day 43 - Photo a Day

Thu 12 February 2015

Today Andy and Teesh moved in so I decided to bake cupcakes! They're quite simple vanilla ones as I didn't have loads of stuff, I also made buttercream but it was a really strange recipe and didn't work out well.

Day 42 - Photo a Day

Thu 12 February 2015

Today I sorted out my spare room so that Andy and Teesh can move in. It'll be nice to have people around the house! Room took some work to get looking remotely presentable and the windows definitely need replacing!

Day 41 - Photo a Day

Wed 11 February 2015

When I left aber today it was cold and foggy. It continued that way all the way up through Banc y darren but pretty much as soon as I reached the Nant area the clouds parted and the sun came out to play! I stopped at the cafe for a …

Day 40 - Photo a Day

Tue 10 February 2015

This week I have a week off between jobs so I'll most likely ride bikes a bit. However, today I decided to tackle the ceiling in the shower room. It had ceiling tiles that were going a bit mouldy and starting to peel. I managed to get them off, which …

Day 39 - Photo a Day

Mon 09 February 2015

Last night (well, yesterday) I made pulled pork ready for us for when we got in from our ride. It was good, we had it with tikka chicken wings, crusty bread and a BBQ sauce that I made. This bowl was just about full yesterday, this is all that is …

Day 38 - Photo a Day

Mon 09 February 2015

This weekend Rich and Ben are vistiting so today we rode out to Nant via the Bont Goch climb and back down the Ty Cam descent. We had fantastic weather and managed both cake at the VC and beer at the tiddly widdle, good times.

Day 37 - Photo a Day

Sun 08 February 2015

Well today is my last day of working for Exony/eGain so I thought that I'd take a photo of my work setup before it's gone forever more. The laptop has now been sent back to Exony HQ and goodbye's said. On to new things, which is both scary and …

Day 35 - Photo a Day

Sun 08 February 2015

First off, a note that the next 4 days have all been written on the same day but I can assure you that the photos were taken on the respective days. I might start writing more of the posts on the same day when I get round to it, like …

Day 34 - Photo a Day

Tue 03 February 2015

I'm bored of trying to find a chain lube that lasts a long ride here in the winter, all of the ones that I've tried just don't work as well as I'd like. I read about people using putolin which is designed for motorbikes, it's a wax that you soak …

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