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Llyn Rhosgoch

Day 207 - photo a day 2017

Wed 26 July 2017

Not much to report today but I received this letter on Saturday. Although it's only a brain scan, and I think there may be lesions in my spinal cord, it's good news! On photoing this letter I also found a second page that goes into a bit more detail, although …

View from Bont Goch bridleway

Day 205 - photo a day 2017

Mon 24 July 2017

I went for another ride this evening. I fancied something a bit different so I went out via Zorro and the leg burner and then headed straight out on the Bont Goch climb. Instead of doing the Bont Goch descent I decided to ride the bridleway that starts in the …

The Arch, Myherin

Day 172 - photo a day 2017

Wed 21 June 2017

Weather is still really, really hot so I took the afternoon off and went up to Myherin. All of the trails were riding great and I almost managed to ride the top of Truman clean. I also found some new trails to ride which was cool! It was hot enough …

Llyn Syfydrin

Day 165 - photo a day 2017

Wed 14 June 2017

This evening I went for a ride on the Levo. It was going great, toboggan was riding great and the weather was nice. I decided to head out the top of nant on the Syfydin route. As I climbed up to the Bont Goch descent I was trying to choose …

View from above Cwmerfyn

Day 149 - photo a day 2017

Mon 29 May 2017

I went for a very short ride today, I decided to ride something a bit different to usual on the way back. I rode the fireroad from Llyn Pendam to Cwmerfyn, bit of a different view to usual

View from above Cwmerfyn

View from top of Pumlumon

Day 146 - photo a day 2017

Fri 26 May 2017

Earlier in the week I booked today off as the forecast looked great. The forecast was correct! I'd planned to do a "sea to summit to sea" ride, something that's been on my radar since Dave and Pete rode it last year's solstice. The summit being Pumlumon, the nearest mountain …

View from Nant visitor centre

Day 145 - photo a day 2017

Thu 25 May 2017

Today was ridiculously nice out so I took a half day and went for a ride up at nant. I'm really running out of angles/places to take photos of up there now!

View from Nant visitor centre

View from top of Rheidol valley

Day 141 - photo a day 2017

Sun 21 May 2017

Decided to go for another ride today, rode the same route as yesterday. It was, once again, great!

View from top of Rheidol valley

Bike with stream

Day 139 - photo a day 2017

Fri 19 May 2017

Finally wanted to ride my bike again. However, I decided to try to accept that going fast isn't option and to just take it easy. To emphasise this I decided to take a beer with me. I only rode toboggan and gogerddan woods but it was fun.

Bike with stream

Artist's Valley stream

Day 127 - photo a day 2017

Sun 07 May 2017

I had so much fun yesterday that I went back to the same trails today, although I didn't do part of the loop. I did one descent a couple of times and I had a good explore. It was rad. On my way back I also pushed up something that …

The Dyfi estuary

Day 126 - photo a day 2017

Sat 06 May 2017

I actually had quite a busy day today. I woke up quite late at 9:15 having got around 10 hours of sleep! I cleaned up and photo'd some bike bits that I want to sell. Just as I finished doing that Elysia rang me and asked if I wanted …

Bike in front of Llyn Blaenmelindwr

Day 125 - photo a day 2017

Fri 05 May 2017

Woohoo my mojo to ride has returned! I decided to drive up to the nant visitor centre and have a bit of a play on the skills area. I still have no skills so I decided to do a loop of the pendam trail. The weather was beautiful also a …

End of the Dyfi Enduro

Day 120 - photo a day 2017

Sun 30 April 2017

The day has rolled round and it's been the Dyfi Enduro. The difference this year was that there were 2 routes, the enduro and the bach. The enduro was 55km and the bach 40km, they were similar routes but the bach just cut a few bits out. Looking at the …

Specialized Tactic 2

Day 116 - photo a day 2017

Wed 26 April 2017

My new helmet came today, a Specialized Tactic 2. I decided to buy a new helmet for 2 reasons; my catlike that I use on the road is ancient and my bell super is too warm in summer. I wore it on a ride last night and it's much better …

Broken bike

Day 106 - photo a day 2017

Sun 16 April 2017

As I've entered the dyfi enduro I decided that I'd best do a long ride on the mega today to test my legs. I also fitted a dinner plate cassette (11-42) yesterday so wanted to try it. I set out and got up the mountain road feeling pretty good and …

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