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Another several months another update

At some point I'll learn to write updates more frequently rather than waiting several months and then writing down a massive brain dump. I'm lying, it's unlikely I'll ever do that. Wall of text begins.

MS stuffs

This is why anyone reads this so start let's off with it. Things seem to have been reasonably stable since January. I've had a possible relapse which was only sensory symptoms (the sensitivity down my legs went a bit weird but this has happened to a certain extent before), and I've had a few bowel issues - more on that one later. Since January I've also had another MRI scan, this one in June. The results of that scan showed no new lesions since January's scan and so the two will be used as a baseline going forward. This is good news but it still feels like I'm noticing further deterioration in my legs. I've also had another round of Botox which is doing its job again.

Since my last post we've bought a house (more on that later too), which is a bit more in the countryside than where we were in Prestwich. This means that driving places like going to see my family takes slightly longer and has highlighted an issue that I was already aware of but hadn't addressed. When I drove long distances, anything over an hour really, then my right leg/foot became hard to control. Right foot being the braking foot made it a really not fun experience. Before Summer started I knew that I was going to have a few really long drives coming up and that I needed to do something about this issue.

This led me to signing myself up for a car adaptations course where I got to try out various controls to see what would work for me. I decided on a hand controlled accelerator/brake lever with an integrated indicator. It's not sophisticated at all, it's a lever with rods attached to the brake and accelerator pedals - push to stop, pull to go. Unfortunately they won't fit these controls to manual cars due to the requirement of needing to be an octopus to control that many things at once. So this meant that I had to sell my car and get a different one, I'm actually very pleased with my "new" car, I prefer it to my old one. On the plus side, Elysia can still drive with her feet with these adaptations.

So then, about those bowels. This isn't going to be fun and it's going to be even more personal than previous posts so here's your warning to skip to the next chapter if you want. Last Summer I was pretty regular, I'd have a movement most days. Over the past couple of months that has changed and now it's days between and random. Random meaning not always when I'm near a toilet and sometimes with not much warning. This has led to a handful of "accidents". Let me tell you that when that happens in Manchester city centre and you have to get a train home it is not a happy fun time. Recently I had an appointment with an advisor which was pretty unfruitful and they just told me that I need to go through my GP in case they want to run tests. A month or so ago I bought an enema ball thing (squirt water up your arse to erm... flush things out) which has helped a decent amount.

Other stuffs

As I mentioned before, we bought a house. I have loads of decent riding straight out of the door and we're not too far from a train station which takes ~20 minutes into Manchester city centre. We've got some work to do to the house and garden but not tons, it's mostly stuff we want to do rather than need to do so we can at least take our time about it.

Right now I have a broken left hand and arm because I was gardening and fell off a wall onto concrete. Seems pretty unfair given how often I fall off bikes and shrug it off. I have private health cover through work so I decided to try that out after an initial 7 or 8 hours in urgent care to find out the x-ray was unconclusive. This meant that they did an MRI scan on my arm, it's the first time I've ever worn headphones in the machine which was funky. I prefer earplugs tbh... Just after breaking myself Elysia went to Japan for 2 weeks too. Really good timing by me there.

Not much else to say really...

Another several months another update
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