Using this thing more

A couple of weeks ago I got an email from LetsEncrypt who I was using for certificates for this site. Said email stated that unless I updated the client that I use for my certificates then issuing them would start failing soon. I figured that meant I'd best update the software I use for this blog ([Ghost](

This process was a lot more involved than should be. I had password auth disabled for my server instance and realised that I'd changed SSH key and lost the old one. I was using Digital Ocean so luckily that meant that there's a way to login via the browser through their website. Ok easy, I'll just update the key that way. Digital Ocean appear to have a fun bug where if you paste too much at once it doesn't paste the whole thing and forces caps lock on. After updating my key one bit at time I discovered that I couldn't remember my password for using said SSH key.

By this point I was getting a little annoyed but I created a new key and pasted that in bit by bit. Success! I got in via terminal. Just update Ghost and I'll be done. No. I was running v1, they're now on v3. I figured I'd try to upgrade to the latest version of v1 and then try get up to v3. I ran the v1 upgrade and on completion could no longer load my website. By this point I'd invested more time and effort that I'd like and was pissed off. I went on the Ghost website with the intention of looking at the price for them to host it which would mean no hassle for me, I'd only need to write stuff. The price was way higher than I was happy to pay but I was pissed off so figured I'd try a month, and then accidentally paid for a year instead.

So that's where we are now. As I've paid for this thing I intend on using it more. I'm thinking of using it as almost a kind of diary, just writing down what I've been up to when I remember to and that kind of thing. Something that I can look back on in the future. I'll probably those posts with drivel or something like that...

Using this thing more
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